Project Yuna is a 3D open world-esque puzzle adventure game set in the pastel punk style of the distant future where the apocalypse has been and gone and what remains are the people, the robots and a lot of junk in idyllic environments. Join the adventures of Mika, a young engineer with a talent of solving puzzles and Yumi, an accidental time traveller, as they explore junk towns to find the parts to fix busted time machine. All the while being chased, harassed and kidnapped by Robots, Secret Agents, a Crime Queen and a Junk Lord. This is our Sci-fi Junkpunk game!



The year is 20 PA (Post Apocalypse), after a technology meltdown, and AI taking over the world, too many robots caused the internet to collapse onto itself.


The humans managed to wipe out most of the technology in the world including time travel, but the independent robots that weren’t connected to the internet. 


The events wiped out 90 percent of Earth.


Humans have managed to begin rebuilding society. 

Robots with their efficiency and Humans with their creativity, they work together to fix what has been destroyed.


This story takes place in Lico Valle aka Junk Town, the world’s largest hub for scrapped technology.


…in a parallel reality


A talented young engineer, a shy Tomboy, with skills to design and build new tech from old scrap.



 Accidental time traveller, energetic extrovert, and a big attitude beauty. Easily gets in and out of trouble. 


Junky Kong.

Tech Lord and owner of a tall tower in Junk Yard. Manages the biggest scrap yard of tech. 


Bibi Pepper.

Owner of Casino and Saloon. Crime queen of the underground.



Young kid in Lico Valle, always handy to bring information and help with getting stuff done. 


Doorman Sherko.

 Wise old man who fought and survived the AI war.


Time Police. 




Lico Valle residents.

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